Dravago the 23rd

Dravago the 23rd, born on Dravago the 23rd, became a fisherman, kicked ass, did not take names. Died while discovering he had a soul.


Birth Certificate Name: ??? Present Name: Dravago The 23rd Birthdate: Original unknown, re-awakening on Dravago the 23rd, 998 YK Height: 6’5 Weight: 300lb Hair: NA Eyes: Solid Yellow Race: Warforged Alignment: Unaligned

STR: 17 CON: 13 DEX: 14 INT: 10 WIS: 12 CHA: 18

HP: 25 AC: 13 Fortitude: 13 Reflex: 12 Will: 17 Passive Insight: 16 Passive Perception: 11

Feats: Student Of The Cosmos Class Features: Cosmic Persistence, Cosmic Power, Soul Of The Cosmic Cycle At-Will Powers: Blazing Starfall, Chaos Bolt Encounter Powers: Warforged Resolve, Ray Of The Moon Daily Powers: Cosmos Call

On-Hand Inventory: Quarter Staff/Fishing Pole, Bag Of Holding containing: 3 Harpoons of varying size (ie fish/octopus/giant sharks), two rope nets, two metal cable nets, personal journal, a captains hat. Storage: 1000gp


Log Date: Dravago 21,

Left Pylas Maradal yesterday, currently somewhere in Kraken Bay of all places, normally I’d be up to the minute on coordinates but it has been quite the…eventful day. First we pull up a net of fish only to discover a hand full of mechanical fish? Brightness be! Sadly the shock of this caused us to drop the few that weren’t smashed to bits overboard. However, this was not the most interesting moment of the day. In our second pull, while still reeling from the mechanical fish (note to self; ask Captain Bakkar about this back home) we pulled in a Warforged of all things. He seemed to be dead….deactivated? I don’t know much ‘bout this matters. I can hear the crew bellowing so I best be back to work.

- Captain Jonz, the good ship Fathom IV

Log Date, Dravago 22

Brightness be, this has been a horrid day. Our crew spent the better part of what should have been a very profitable day bickering over what to do with this ‘forged. Half the crew believes we should dump him back in the water and never speak of it again, who knows who/what this thing worked for after all, but the rest of the crew convinced us (well, I’m not settled myself) to keep it and bring it to the proper authorities back home. I spent some time examining the body, it has a strange marking almost like a squid on it’s forehead. Strange things these ‘forged are. We managed to pull in a few loads of fish near the end of the day, so not a total loss. I really wish that we had a few more deckhands, it would bring a lot of peace of mind. Maybe for once our profits would actually outweigh our costs. I must be getting some rest for once.

- Captain Jonz, of the Fathom IV

Log Date, Dravago 23

I don’t know where to begin this entry, what began as a log of fish caught, expenses and notes on the crew has become my personal thoughts and concerns. Today will never be erased from my mind, we were having quite the day of catches, finally a turn for the better I kept thinking to myself. We were pulling in a large batch of fish, when the unthinkable happened, a large blood red tentacle crept up from the net and wrapped itself around my first mate, Ossul. We paniced, we’re not combatants after all, we’re fishermen! The thing had the grip of death on the boy, and we all struggled to free him as the thing attempted to drag him to a watery grave in this fearsome place. The next events are where things get…complicated. In the midst of all the comotion and fear, a large blast of what seemed like moon light seared the beast, freeing Ossul and sending the creature back to the water. We all paused for a mere second before turning around to see the ‘forged standing behind us lowering his hand. I’m still trying to decide what to do with him, he doesn’t seem to know many words other than a few combat related things “attack/defend/halt” etc, military unit perhaps. Perhaps a good nights rest will help, for now log..journal perhaps..farewell.

- Captain Jonz, Fathom IV

Log Date, Dravago 26

It has been an interesting few days, we settled on calling the ‘forged Dravago-23 on account of his “awakening” as Ossul puts it. He (the forged) seems content with the name. Now not only that, but he is a mighty fine mariner! He immediately took to the trade, he’s been pulling in 10+ nets a day on his own. From what I figure at this rate we’ll finally be able to upgrade the Fathom IV to the vessel it ought to be. Sorry, I’m getting ahead of myself here. We’ve trained him up a bit aside from the fishing, he knows a few basic words and can string together really simple sentences. Enough to get him through a work day. Now, journal this is the last “real” entry I’ll be doing, and it’s only for my own piece of mind. We as a crew, have decided to tear these last pages from the book, toss em in the water and forget em. Ossul is working on rewriting our ships crew log and such, to accomodate the hiring of a new member. No one will ever know where he came from, as far as the world is concerned, he’s been with us for a few months, working beneath the decks out of sight. I don’t think anyone will question it anyway, we’re just mariners. The log will continue without this information, set to rest in a weighted bottle at the bottom of Kraken Bay, so farewell journal, log, whatever it may be.

- Captain Jonz and the crew of the Fathom IV.

Dravago the 23rd

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